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Howard Haynes - Ireland's only certified canine nutritionist

Leading Dog Nutrition Experts in Western Ireland

Along with running a dog daycare centre in Galway for 12 years, we have over a decade of experience in dog nutrition, analysing and selling premium and super premium dog food for an extremely competitive price. Our company is the first in Western Ireland to specialise in the field of dog nutrition and aim to improve the quality of food given to dogs throughout the country.

Unlike the products found on supermarket shelves, which tend to significantly lack nutritional value, the dog food we provide is wheat and gluten free, aiding digestion and growth, with high levels of protein and vegetables. We only ever use dehydrated, uncooked dog food, as this is far better for your dog’s health.

Keep reading below learn more about the specific dog foods and accessories supplied by our dog daycare centre in Galway. These foods are not just extremely healthy for your dog but also remarkably cost-effective.

Dog Foods

Natures Menu

The best possible food you can feed your dog. It is known by top breeders as Biologically Appropriate Raw Food (BARF) and is less expensive than most of the so-called top brands. The product is excellent for hair regrowth, skin allergies, intestinal issues, sensitive stomachs, and targets water retention, eradicates bowel or anal gland irritation, and clears blocked tear ducts, which can cause issues for small dogs. The absorption rate is exceptionally high, meaning your dog leaves less excrement. Best of all, even the fussiest dogs love it!

Orijen and Acana

Known as super premium foods, Orijen and Acana offer the best dry foods available worldwide. Aside from a raw diet, this is the highest quality of food you can feed your dog. The crunch of the nut helps to maintain your dog’s teeth, and the food contains between 50% and 85% meat, as opposed to the top premium brands, which contain around 24% to 26%. The rest of the content is made up of fruits, vegetables, and botanicals, including lavender flowers. They are both made by the same Canadian company, Champion Pet Foods, who are renowned world leaders in dog food manufacture. Due to such high protein levels, you only need to give your dog half of what you would normally give when using supermarket dog food, thereby saving you money and ensuring your dog receives optimal nutrition. It also puts less strain on your dog’s digestive system and has a higher absorption rate.

Arden Grange

The highest quality premium dog food on the Irish market. Almost all dogs love the flavour of the food, with a wide range of flavours available including lamb, chicken, pork, ocean white fish, potato, salmon, and premium chicken. There are also tailored ranges to suit puppies and older dogs, which have higher and lower protein levels depending on their requirements.


Bluegrass is an excellent premium dog food. Due to its remarkable price, we call it the Ryanair of dog food. It is an excellent product, with superb protein levels and a perfect ash count, along with being wheat and gluten free.


  • SOA Soap
  • Flexi Vario
  • Westpaw
  • H204K9
  • Animology Shampoo and Conditioner
  • Dog Cologne
SOA Soap

SOA soap is an amazing natural product that deals with an array of skin issues in dogs, from hot spots to skin sores, eczema, mange, psoriasis, ringworm, tick, flea, mite & bug bites. The active ingredient is Oceanic Sulphur, and the product contains only natural ingredients. You’ll be amazed by the results!

Flexi Vario

The 'Flexi Vario' range of leads are incredibly practical and fashionable. These leashes extend to a length of five metres and there's a wide range of different contraptions you can attach to them, such as:

  • An LED lighting system for walking at night
  • A multi box which can be used to hold either dog treats or poop bags
  • An LED flash belt so you can see your dog at night
  • A soft stop belt to stop your best friend hurting their neck when they get to the end of the lead

The best part is that 'Doggie Daycare Galway' are the ONLY stockists in the country that sells these leads in funky turquoise and pretty pink. Other colours also include black, red and blue.


Westpaw are the only makers of safe indestructible toys in the world. We stock a range of their chew and play toys, including:


The most durable dog ball from West Paw Design yet. The only dog ball toy you need - bright, bouncy, and BPA-free.


Toss it, float it, chew it, love it! Hurley® is designed for chewing and is recyclable, creating virtually no waste during the manufacturing process.


In the world of flying disk dog toys, Zisc flies to the top. Designed to fly far and straight, it is made from a durable material that isn't hard on dogs' mouths. Flip it over and it becomes a water bowl, keeping active dogs happy and playing for hours!


An interactive dog toy that your dog won't want to put down! Bumi is so much more than a tug toy- pull, flex, throw, float, and repeat again and again!


A spiralling toy that gives the time-honored game of fetch a dynamic new spin. Tizzi is a true 'multi-functional dog toy', keeping dogs of all shapes and sizes entertained for hours.


The award-winning treat-keeping toy for endless playtime possibilities. For puzzle-masters, or dogs who just need an extra outlet for excess energy, connect the small and large sizes (sold separately) of Toppl for an even more challenging puzzle. 


The toughest toy in the Zogoflex range, suitable for seriously strong chewers. Guaranteed durability. Stuffable with treats. Your dog has the chance to have its cake and eat it too!


H2O4K9 are a colourful range of water bottles for your dog! The container is made from 100% recyclable materials, consisting of food grade stainless steel. The plastic cap is made exactly in the shape of your dog’s muzzle, making it easy for them to drink out of it, and has a handy hook at the top, allowing you to attach it to your belt or ruck sack while on the go! We also supply matching Carabiners if needed. 

Animology Shampoo and Conditioner

The Animology range of shampoos and conditioner are of an A-grade standard and cater for every kind of dog! Includes shampoos specifically for puppies, white dogs, black dogs, dogs with sensitive skin, dogs with tangled hair, dogs with fleas and ticks, and dogs with a tendency to eat fox excrement. And, if you cannot decide, there is also a regular dog shampoo. They smell gorgeous and can also be accompanied by a conditioner for dogs who like a pamper.

Dog Cologne

Our very own brand baby powder 'Dog Cologne', which leaves your dog smelling fresh and fragrant!

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When registering and paying for any of our training courses you are agreeing that you have read and will comply with all of our terms and conditions

Terms & Conditions

House Rules for Training Courses

  • ​Female dogs in season may not attend training classes
  • All dogs / puppies must be up to date with their vaccinations, including the kennel cough vaccine
  • Dogs with dog to dog aggression may not attend group training classes
  • No running when inside the training centre - unless relevant to training and under the instruction of the trainer
  • All dogs must remain on leash when inside the centre unless otherwise instructed by the trainer
  • ​All instances of accident or injury must be reported to the dog trainer at the time they occurred, in the class they occurred in. Subsequent reports of accidents will not be entertained
  • ​The following items are NOT PERMITTED in Doggie Daycare Galway Classes: Choker chains and / or Check chains of any description; Shock collars including citronella; Shock devices or any other device that causes discomfort, pain or fear to the dog; Prong or pinch collars; Any equipment that the trainer deems unacceptable
  • For the safety of all dogs and owners please keep all dogs separated when on leash in the training centre. The trainer will assign each attendee a position on the floor for training
  • When you pay for any dog training course you are committing to attend that course in full for the specified time. It is your responsibility to ensure you or another adult handler attend each week
  • When registering and paying for any of our training courses you are agreeing that you have read and will comply with all of our terms and conditions

House Rules for Our Daycare Centre

  • A registration form must be completed for all dogs / puppies attending daycare.​
  • All dogs ​from 6 months of age must be temperament assessed prior to attending daycare. Puppies up to 6 months of age do not need an assessment.
  • Annual vaccinations, worming / flea treatments and the kennel cough vaccination must be kept up to date. This is the responsibility of each owner.
  • Dogs with dog to dog aggression may not attend daycare. We can help these dogs through one of our training programs.
  • Dogs with dog to human aggression may not attend daycare. We can help these dogs through one of our training programs.
  • ​All MALE dogs over 6 months MUST be neutered. (Check with your Vet, there is now a procedure for temporary neutering that lasts between 6 - 12 months).
  • All dogs must arrive at and leave the centre on a leash.
  • I understand that daycare is an interactive play setting for dogs and may be with some small risk of scratches / scrapes (as with children on a playground), dogs will be dogs.​
  • Doggie Daycare Galway reserve the right to refuse entry to any dog or any person should they feel the safety of other dogs or staff may potentially be at risk.
  • ​Instances of accident or injury must be reported to Doggie Daycare Galway at the time they occurred and on the day they occurred. Subsequent reports of accidents will not be entertained. This relates to human / owner injury if when on the premises.​
  • By registering and bringing your dog to daycare you agree that you have read and will comply with all of our terms and conditions

House Rules for Dog Boarding

  • All dogs from 6 months of age must be temperament assessed prior to acceptance to boarding.
  • A registration form must be completed prior to attendance. Email us at or phone 091 770 400.
  • All dogs must have up to date annual vaccinations, worming / flea treatments and the kennel cough vaccination.
  • All sexually mature male dogs must be neutered.
  • All dogs must be house / toilet trained. Your dog will be in our home.