Dog Daycare & Boarding

Ireland's only home-from-home boarding services

A Safe Place for Dogs to Play and Socialise

We are the primary dog daycare centre in Galway, with over a decade of experience in offering owners a safe, convenient place for dogs to play, socialise, and burn energy. Our centre allows you to avoid leaving your dog at home during work hours and ensures they return home feeling happy and relaxed.

Doggie Daycare Galway provides a team of dedicated professionals with strong experience in improving social skills in dogs, eradicating challenging behaviours, and training them to respond to commands. Our service also incorporates an overnight boarding service that is unparalleled in the Western Ireland area, along with supplying bespoke grooming and serving as leaders in the area for proper dog nutrition and accessories.

To arrange your first visit to our dog daycare centre in Galway, please get in touch

Three Reasons to Join Our Daycare Centre

1. Convenient

Our dog daycare centre in Galway provides a convenient place for owners to leave their dog during work hours, appointments, trips, and so on, offering a favourable alternative to leaving your dog at home all day. You can have peace of mind knowing that your dog is being looked after by professionals and receiving the exercise it needs. A relaxed, well-exercised dog is, naturally, more well-behaved once it gets home. We are highly flexible; other services, such as grooming, are available as well, and you are free to attend as little or as often as necessary, with no need to book in advance. Simply drop them in and carry on with your day.

Three Reasons to Join Our Daycare Centre

2. Improve Socialisation

Lack of socialisation is the main reason for aggressive behaviour and other common behavioural issues in dogs. If a habitually aggressive dog witnesses other dogs being quiet and orderly on a regular basis, they will naturally start to copy their behaviour and develop a better temperament. Our centre is a place for dogs and puppies to build their confidence and learn about bite inhibition through playing with other dogs in a fun, interactive space. Many existing customers have remarked on the huge difference in their dog’s reaction to other dogs during walks after a regular visits to our dog daycare centre in Galway.​​

Three Reasons to Join Our Daycare Centre

3. Trusted Professionals

Your dog will be left in the hands of expert trainers who only ever use positive reward-based training methods, taking care to ensure your dog is always looked after and safe. Our staff members understand how to give dogs the correct levels of stimulation and provide them with a number of fun toys, along with throwing them balls, which the dogs love! They are also fully adept at providing specialised training to help your dog respond to commands more effectively.

Conditions for Joining Our Daycare Centre


Dogs/puppies must be fully vaccinated, including their kennel cough vaccination. Please check this with your veterinarian.


Dogs who have reached sexual maturity – this varies between six to 10 months, depending on breed – must be neutered. There is also the option of temporary neutering should you wish to breed your dog later in life. Please check this with your veterinarian.


All dogs from six months of age must undergo a temperament assessment before being admitted to our dog daycare centre in Galway. This is done to guarantee the safety of other dogs and staff members and maintain a safe environment. During the assessment, we will monitor the dog’s stress indicators, check for any signs of aggression, ensure the dog is comfortable with staff, and make sure they are not overwhelmed by the presence of other dogs. We will introduce your dog gradually, taking care to create a positive, stress-free experience.

The temperament assessment incurs a €20 fee, after which normal dog daycare centre rates apply. Puppies under six months of age do not require a temperament assessment. You can bring your dog to the centre at any time after this stage has been completed, with no bookings required.

To arrange your assessment, please fill out the contact form

Other Important Dog Daycare Centre Information

We are open from 7.30am to 6.30pm from Monday’s to Fridays, and from 10.00am to 6.00pm on Saturdays

Each dog is assigned a drawer for their belongings on arrival

Dogs are encouraged to play with one another, with safe toys also provided

A rest period is available in the morning and late afternoon, although dogs may rest at any time they wish

Dogs receive their meal at lunchtime

Videos and photos are taken throughout the day. Please visit our Facebook, Twitter and YouTube channel for daily updates

Play continues until dogs are collected by their owners

Price List

For 1 Dog:

Temperament Assessment:


½ Day Daycare Rate:


Full Day Daycare Rate:


Week Rate (Mon to Fri):


Monthly Rate (Saturdays not Inc):


For 2 Dogs:

Temperament Assessment:


½ Day Daycare Rate:


Full Day Daycare Rate:


Week Rate (Mon to Fri):


Monthly Rate (Saturdays not Inc):


Overnight Boarding

Doggie Daycare Galway takes pride in being the first dog daycare centre in Galway to provide a fully equipped, professional-standard overnight boarding service for dogs. We have gone the extra mile to create a home from home for your dog. They are never caged, never left on their own, and sleep together in a warm environment.

There is a seven-foot wall around the building, ensuring they are safe at all times, and an acre of space in which to run around, with little pools available in the summer. Dogs are welcome to freely roam inside, watch TV, play with other dogs, and receive all the love they need!

Want to know more about our dog daycare centre in Galway? Get in touch with us to ask any further questions